First are you asking yourself, “What is a landing page?” Why build a landing page for your law firm?

What is a landing page? A landing page is a page on your website that is focused specifically on the purpose of getting a lead, a conversion started or a sale. A landing page removes all the distractions of a busy home page and focuses the potential client on finding the area of your practice you want them to know about you.

Why does your law firm need a landing page? If you are doing any online marketing or if you’re trying to get online leads, you should be using landing pages. Landing pages will increase your conversion rate dramatically and make it much easier to track the results of your marketing efforts.

So how do you build a landing page for your law firm that will turn your website into a 24/7 lead generation machine? Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Remove your website navigation menu. 

You’ve done a lot of work to get your prospect to your landing page, so don’t waste that effort by giving them a distraction, focus them on your conversion action. Every link on your landing page is just an opportunity for your prospect to go somewhere else.

You can use your logo at the top of the page and your corporate colors to reinforce your brand and make the prospect feel like they haven’t made a wrong turn.

2. Use a headline that is all benefit. Every landing page should have a catchy and benefit full headline. Make it short, direct and definitely a benefit for the prospect.

Headlines are your first chance to draw the prospect in further and move them toward your conversion action. You should also echo the benefits in the headline that you used to get them to the landing page.

So, for example, if you had a call to action that offered a free ebook titled “10 Things You Must Ask A Corporate Lawyer Before Hiring Them”, you don’t want to have a landing page that talks about “Litigation Attorney”. Keep the language you used on your call to action the same as what you use in your landing page headline.

3. Create short sales copy that focuses on benefits.

Also write a SHORT section of sales copy to again convey the benefits to your potential client of what you are offering them. Keep it limited to a couple of sentences and some bullets.

This copy should be very simple and scannable. You want it to reinforce the benefits not distract from the mission of getting the conversion.

4. Keep your form simple.

  • With every field you ask your prospect to fill out, you will decrease your response. So try to limit the form fields to the least amount you can get by with.
  • Reinforce your benefits for the user with a short headline at the top of the form.
  • Help your form stand out from the page with a colored background and a border line around the form.
  • When you get to the form button, use it as another opportunity to convey a benefit for the prospect. Never use the word “Submit”. If you are offering an ebook, you can say “Get ebook now”.

5. Use trust symbols.

  • Building trust is one of the most important parts of moving someone from prospect to lead to customer. Trust symbols will help do that.
  • Trust symbols are anything that will show that you have experience or awards that will make you more trusted in the eyes of the prospect.
  • Some examples of trust symbols are badges that you can get from organizations of which you are a member of the American Academy of Corporate Lawyers or even your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Or if you’ve won an award like if you have been named a Lawyer of High Distinction or some similar award, these are great trust systems for the bottom or footer of your legal landing page.

Follow these 5 tips and before you know it you’ll be generating business for your law firm from your website even while your playing gulf. You can bring in a great client on the 18th hole!