This article from Entrepreneur explains what I am telling my own clients:

It’s Not You, It’s Your Story: Why Branding Matters

Your brand should be built around your story, graphic design helps to tell your story and enhance the message.

Your brand is who you are. How you tell your story is an important aspect of your brand, and it makes a big difference to your success. I have been fortunate to work with some big brand story tellers and small ones too. When I worked for Microsoft, the story was always big, bold and was linked to the most powerful operating system at the time. From the beginning, Bill Gates had his vision of information at your finger tips. The internet was introduced to the public in the mid 1990’s after Microsoft set up the infrastructure to help it along, this made Bill’s vision story a reality. Lots of strategy, planning, building and managing happened to make the Microsoft brand story get told.

I worked on the Windows 95 packaging team, it was fun to see that product go out into the world at that time. Now I see it in the Museum of History and Industry on South Lake Union in Seattle. The Windows operating system has expanded and continues to grow in it’s form now but it had to have a story to start it’s history. I am grateful for that time and the knowledge I have now to work with clients wanting to grow their brand too.

I like the field of dreams saying, “if you build it, they will come.” I say if you build your brand, with all the ingredients of quality, value and a sense of being the best, they will comes. Your story will bring them and your product or service should be what your talking about in telling your story.