Icon & header Designs

Samples of icons and newsletter headers design


My approach to icon design is highly creative and innovative. With years of experience, I strive to make each one an expertly crafted piece of art. Each icon should convey a powerful message with or without words, evoking emotion and excitement in the viewer. My icons are designed with thoughtfulness and care, ensuring that each symbol has a strong concept for the audience to comprehend at a glance. When creating icons, I strive to make them unique and memorable, helping the message stand out from the crowd. By crafting unique designs and paying attention to detail, my icons can help capture the essence of your brand or product in an eye-catching way.

With every icon I design, I aim to deliver an innovative, visually pleasing solution that will engage the audience and bring your message to life. I believe in providing high-quality work and strive for excellence with every design. As a creative professional, it’s my mission to create iconic visuals which are not only of exceptional quality but also capture the essence of the project or brand. By leveraging my creativity and expertise, I’m confident that my work will be a perfect representation of your vision. With my icon designs, you can be sure to have visually compelling visuals that make an impact. Let’s create something special together!

Table of Contents

Header image for the Table of Contents of a newsletter

Header image for a headline story section of a newsletter.

Header image for the announcements of who is doing what section of a newsletter

Header image for more information section of a newsletter

Header image for a Quotes section of a newsletter.

Header image for the lunch menu in cafeterias section of a newsletter

These above images were illustrated by Linda Bleck and art directed by McKinnon Design for the Micronews newletter for Microsoft.