Photoshop Fun

Ever since learning Photoshop, I’ve enjoyed creating fun images for clients and my own creative imagination

Fun with my own image

Photoshop helps my imagination run wild, So I pictured myself as a design wizard over Seattle in the first image. Leaving Covid-19 behind me and getting ready to have some fun, was the remaks I left in sharing the second image on social media.

The Wizarding World

The magic of design is a fun ride every day.

Foreground picture of me in the Bahamas

I took a cruise to the Bahamas before 2020, and took separate pictures of the cruise ship and me on a jet ski. I put it together with two movie icons to show a little drama. Then posted it on social media saying, now that Covid-19 is behind us it’s time to go out and play.

Seattle Sports fun

I love my hometown sports teams in Seattle. The Seahawks have been a favorite along with the Mariners. I also Love the sports teams of the UW Huskies, WSU Cougs, Seattle Sounds and am excited about the Kraken Hockey team coming soon.

Seahawks in action

We all in Seattle love Russel Wilson.

Playoff excitement

The Seahawks are an exciting team to watch win or loose.

Seahawks win tight game

Minnesota just missed the final field goal to launch the Seahawks into the next playoff game.

Playoff excitement

This is how it happened.

Bowl game Excitement

Huskies in the Rosebowl

Cougars win the Alamo Bowl

Great Season for the Cougs.

Some photo art fun

Enjoying the effects from different ways to use Photoshop.

Mix and match

Love taking two images and making them combine into a fun image. Heather my friend is pictured here.

Portrait fun

Using filters, you can do a lot of fun things.

Portrait having fun

Experimenting with filters and different affects.

A Thank you card

I love combining photos with typography.

Super Hero

Batman vs Superman.


Another exercise with typography and subject mater.